Indoor Plants With Low Maintenance: Best For Lazy Gardeners

Indoor Plants With Low Maintenance

We all want to make our house feel a little comfier, a little more green, and a little fresher. But let’s be honest, we don’t want another item on our to-do list when we already have a lot.

With that in mind, we are sharing 7 indoor plants that require minimum care and are the best for lazy gardeners. 

Now you could be a hardworking house person, taking care of your family, a freelancer working from home, or a person who is just fond of the plants in general.

While you want to make the most out of the space in your home, plants with high maintenance are not for everyone. That is why these indoor plants can be a perfect match for your dream house.

Moreover, these plants can be found easily, are very low maintenance, and add the sense of nature from day one. Let’s get started and learn more about the 7 indoor plants that are easy to take care of.

 7 Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Take Care Of

Peace Lily

It might come to you as a surprise but if you are looking for a plant with beautiful flowers, that requires low maintenance you can go for Peace Lily. It blooms elegant white flowers and only requires a low light area to grow.

What about the moisture and temperature? Well, the plant requires moderate temperature and moist soil. This means you have to water only to ensure the soil is moist. In most cases, the plant will grow very easily and you will enjoy the beautiful plant right in front of your sight.

Heartleaf Philodendron

An extremely easy to grow indoor plant is the Heartleaf Philodendron. All it needs is indirect lighting and infrequent watering.

To make sure the plant grows well, let the soil dry before you water the plant again. The Heartleaf Philodendron is a climbing plant. That is, if allowed growing, it will grow into a long single stem.

The plant can easily thrive in a small pot and grow very easily in dry and wet climates. With the help of a rope, you can hang the stem of the plant around the window on your balcony. This will give a perfect frame to your view that too in minimum maintenance.

Snake Plant

The next on the list of indoor plants with low maintenance is the snake plant. It is among the strongest indoor plants that can easily grow under harsh conditions.

If you are looking for a plant that doesn’t cover a lot of space, can be placed in a low light area, and requires very little maintenance, then the snake plant will be the best indoor plant for you.

You can let the plant drain out of the water before watering it again and even then you will see good growth in the snake plant.

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Coffee Arabica

Are you a coffee lover? Well, Coffee Arabica won’t be fulfilling your daily wants of coffee, but it will surely be a great addition to the looks of your kitchen. Place the plant into a small pot and water it occasionally when you remember.

Coffee Arabica is a great plant, which at first sight seems like it will need a lot of water. But it doesn’t. You can let it run dry and whenever you water it, the plant will regain its strength.

This makes the coffee arabica the best indoor plant for your kitchen that you can take care of or ignore according to your own will.

Jade Plant

Another popular low-maintenance, indoor plant that you can add to your home is the Jade Plant. A very simple green plant that is small in size and can be easily placed on your worktable.

Place the plant in a small pot or mug, water it may be once a week, and you will find the plant blooming without any effort.

Moreover, the Jade plant also doesn’t require direct sunlight. As said, place it on your worktable and it will grow very easily spreading positivity across the home.

English Ivy

Looking for a hanging plant for indoors? English Ivy can be your go. Just like Heart Philodendron, English Ivy is a climbing plant. It has small leaves and can easily thrive in small pots.

If you are looking for a plant to hang in your balcony, window, or somewhere in your home with no direct light, English Ivy should be your next plant purchase.

Just plant the tree and water it occasionally. The plant will grow best in low light conditions making it best for indoor plants.


We kick-started the list with a flowering plant, and it will be fair to end with a flowering plant. Kalanchoe is a plant that grows colorful flowers to bless our sight. The following indoor plants can often be confused as high maintenance, which is far away from the truth.

It has amazing water retaining capabilities that help plants look fresh, even when you forget to water them for days. Put the plant into indirect lighting and water it occasionally. Just this and you are set to grow flowers right in your hall.

At last

When you are looking for Indoor plants with low maintenance, it is very essential to know where you are going to place them. Some plants hate direct lighting, others prefer just occasional lighting.

We have shared the 7 best indoor plants along with how to take care of them. Got any personal suggestions? Comment down below for other readers to learn about them.

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