7 Healthy Morning Snacks To Lose Weight Quicker

7 Healthy Morning Snacks To Lose Weight Quicker

Weight loss and morning breakfast are hard to balance. We need something fulfilling and at the same time, something that doesn’t add a chunk of calories to our daily diet.

The prayers have been heard and a road map to healthy morning snacks has been created for you. We are sharing 7 healthy morning snacks to lose weight quicker. For each day of the week, try something new.

And do you know what’s the best part of the list is? That is it was created by a lazy-foodie person. Everything shared here is something that has minimum preparation time (or requires no preparation) but just lights up your morning with a smile.

Now if that sounded tasty, let’s get started with our first healthy morning snack to lose weight.

7 Healthy Morning Snacks To Lose Weight

Apple Peanut Butter Mashup

God bless the person who brought peanut butter to this world. Because of him, we can enjoy sweetness even when we are losing weight.

And we all know brown bread and peanut butter are great. But have you ever tried Apple Peanut Butter Mashup?

That is what we call a true fruitful morning. Just cut the apple, take a tablespoon of peanut butter – now dip and umm. Enjoy that amazing taste early on in the morning.

It would add 183 calories, but on the other hand, will provide you with protein and fiber which are necessary to grow muscle mass and cut down fat. Seems like a tummy-fill deal.

Lotus Seeds

If this list was created some weeks ago, I would have added pop-corns here. But this is much better. Lotus seeds are among the light but healthy morning snacks that you can even carry to work for a quick bite.

They are low on calories – but that is just one of the benefits this snack has. Lotus seeds are low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats.

If you are starting late in your life (which is by the way great that you started), lotus seeds will promote a healthy heart, anti-aging properties, and balanced diabetes.

What about the taste? It’s neutral that means, you can make it spicy if you want, or sweet and sour if you like.

Dark Chocolate

Can I have your attention? If we have mentioned chocolate in the list, it doesn’t mean you start binge eating it every morning. Dark chocolate is known to calm your appetite and cravings on the days you are feeling to give up on your diet.

The good thing is it also helps in reducing inflammation, improved heart health, and enhances brain functioning.

The taste is no problem here. But you must not guilt eat the chocolate. Due to its ingredient, dark chocolate improves your insulin sensitivity that helps in balancing your blood sugar level.

This way you calm your cravings as well as cut down fat storage in your body.


You saw this coming, didn’t you? Well, there is no other way than saying that oatmeals are among the best healthy morning snacks to lose weight.

They are filled with nutrition, are easy on your gut, full of fiber, and great in taste. The reason is its versatility. You can make cookies out of them, make overnight oats if you like, or cook a healthy porridge if you like.

The best part about the oatmeal is the fact that they are very filling but at the same time help you lose weight. In true food fashion – among the best healthy morning snacks to lose weight.

Dried Fruit

Eating fruits are anyways great. But they aren’t always handy to carry around or store. If that’s the case for you, you can rely on dried fruits.

They are best if you are on the go, as they carry a lot of fiber and nutrients best for weight loss. Plus they fill us up well without compromising the taste.

You can create a fruit mix of various fruits available and enjoy a quick healthy morning snack to lose weight.


Looking to burn down excessive fat? Yogurt can be your go-to morning snack to lose weight. It is rich in protein which improves your metabolism and helps burn fat.

Moreover, if you are someone who enjoys a variety of tastes, you can always rely on yogurt. Mix fruits of your choice or chocolate. The choice is yours.

Fruit, Yogurt, And Milk Smoothie

This legendary mix is something that you would love to wake up to. If you cut out the sugar and add a reasonable amount of ingredients, smoothies can be tasty, filling, and among the addictive healthy morning, snacks to lose weight.

To improve your mix match you can even add chocolate protein powder, blueberries, or spinach. The best part about a smoothie is it is your personal special. Experiment every single day until you find THE one.

And its end of the week

So, how was it trying healthy morning snacks to lose weight? Tasteful would be the least compliment you can share in the comments. But do share what do you have as a healthy snack to lose weight.

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