10 Essential Items Every Man Should Own

10 Essential Items Every Man Should Own

There are a lot of things that we buy and sell regularly. Some things hold a very dear value to us and others are just there in our room. But what we are sharing are the ultimate essentials that you must invest in.

As a man, these items will come in handy more than you think and make a lot of difference in the work you do as well as your personality.

How did I come up with this list? Simply by observing our day-to-day life and occasions that come unannounced.

Without taking any more of your time, let’s start with the list. 

10 Essential Items Every Man Should Own

Mechanical Watch

The first thing every man should own is a mechanical watch. In the times when we can see time, right on our mobile devices, wearing a good mechanical watch sends out a message. It tells people that you value your time and are particular about it.

Along with this, wearing a mechanical watch also helps you during a conversation. It’s obviously rude to take out your phone, and have in a middle of a talk just to see what time it is.

This simply tells the other person you are not interested in what they are saying. To avoid this miss communication of interest, a mechanical watch is an accessory every man should own. It is an accessory that you will wear regularly and if you take care you will pass on to the next generation.


The next accessory that every man should own is a wallet. Yes, you can scan your way out to pay for your stuff but in case of swipe and cash, you must carry a wallet. It will help you keep all your cards and cash organized as well as safe.

An additional tip, do not fill your wallet with unnecessary receipts, business cards, or expired cards that you no longer need. Overall make sure the walled stay in a good shape and is not exploding out of the stuff you filled in.


Your eyes are the most sensitive organ in your body. And taking care of it is really really important. One essential accessory that every man should own to do that is a pair of sunglasses.

And you can choose out of any style be it, Aviator, Browline, Wayfarer, Round, Rimless, or Semi-rimless. This will mainly depend on your face type but you can certainly try on different frames that you like.

But overall make sure you have at least a pair of sunglasses and you are using them.


The next essential item every man should own is something that comes in handy when you are least expecting it. That is a toolbox. Having a toolbox can help you on the go.

Want to fix something urgently? Well if you own a toolbox, you can do it right away. Now be it a leakage, drilling a hole on the wall, or switch which is not working properly. These are small fixes that anyone can do.

All you need is a set of the right tool. That is why if you are not owning a toolbox, you will end up paying a lot more for the service than even you can do by yourself.

Grooming kit

Grooming is an essential part of our day. Still, we give very little to no time to the way we present ourselves. To make sure you are presentable, you must groom yourself regularly.

Moreover, to keep your grooming essentials organized, every man must own a grooming kit. A kit that is water resistance, easy to carry, can hold all the items together.

Having this will also ensure that your grooming tools stay clean, hygienic, and dry which gives them a much longer life than they might usually have.

Tailored Suit

Pay attention gentlemen. Owning a well-tailored suit is very crucial. Not only from a perspective of looks but also from the position of power.

A well-fitting suit elevates the way people perceive you. Your influence becomes much more powerful and gives you an unfair advantage. It is very essential that every man own at least one well-tailored suit as the situation may come up unannounced.

This could be a meeting with a very important client, an interview, or an event that requires you to dress up. Any other situations can come up too, which is why to have a well-tailored suit, that is ready to wear at any given time.

Dress Shoes

Don’t be the guy who wears sneakers under every outfit. You need to own dress shoes that go with your suits and formals.

We all have heard that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. While I don’t know how true the statement is but let me tell you if someone is wearing a good pair of shoes there is huge appreciation.

If someone is not, then they are just someone. So don’t hold back and invest in your presentation.


In the list of things every man should own, a Cologne is like your presence even before someone sees you. There is no denying that a smell can make a lot of difference. And to be honest, you must own at least 3 colognes.

One which you can wear regularly to your work. Something that is fresh, energetic, and fun. Another one that fit adventurous activity, and the last one for special nights. The more you experiment the better.

Try out different colognes and you’ll be able to find the best scent that you like.

White Sneakers

You know you need it. Whenever you are trying to go casual and want to stand out, white sneakers are something that you can always rely on. They are trendy, they are versatile, and are something that goes well with every outfit.

Grab high-quality white sneakers next time you are out shopping and you will use them for years. But make sure they are always clean. While it is an essential item that every man should own, it is also something that every man should take care of.


Be it a journal, a diary, or a to-do list. Believe it or not, you need something to keep track of your day and your actions. By simply writing down your ideas and the tasks you need to do, you can step-track your progress very easily.

Why not use digital notepads? Because rather than helping you stay focused on your tasks, using digital notepads can result in distraction. Moreover writing our thoughts can exceptionally improve our tendency to get the work done.

And To Conclude

There are a lot more essential items every man should own but for now, let’s stick till 10. All the things every man should own are related to productivity and improving the overall personality. Creating a lifestyle that every dreams of. Start collecting these essential items that every man should own and take care of them.

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