7 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shopping

7 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shopping

I already know you are running out of time, and you need a Christmas gift idea that is super easy to buy and is really thoughtful at the same time.

Sure you can’t just gift your loved ones just chocolates because it’s Christmas after all. You need something super special, something that evokes a feeling of warmth and something that will remind the person of you.

Call it a Christmas miracle as you have landed on just the right blog today. I am sharing 7 thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shopping (post covid edition). Without ringing any more jingle bells, let’s jump right on to the first gift idea for Christmas.

7 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shopping

Scented Candles + Indoor Plants

Being locked in our homes has put a deep impact on the way we all see our surroundings. 

But as we know, just after the lockdowns were lifted, our old lifestyles came rushing in with no time to explore the world as we thought.

How about gifting something that changes the environment and brings a little life to our current surroundings. Scented Candles and an Indoor Plant is just the right pair for this Christmas.

It may first sound a bit different Christmas Gift Idea but when you think about it, the plant will be there for at least a year and Scented Candle will always lift up their mood. Something that I believe is a real thoughtful Christmas gift that you can go for.

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

We are talking about comfort, something that instantly turns a tough day into something sure relaxing. Now be it sitting in from of a PC the whole day or going door-to-door for sales, this is a Christmas gift idea that will have an impact like nothing else.

There are multiple options that you can choose from depending on your own budget. Some have multiple attachments and some are handy to carry. Explore and find the one that’s the perfect fit.

Journal With Your Message

Tried and tested my friend. This is something super personal and something that every person would love to get.

Get a journal diary and write in a message sharing why the person is important in your life and how thankful you are to them and their efforts.

In addition, you can even add some images of the past when you had the best time with them.


First I thought of the subscription of just apps such as Headspace, Calm, or Audiobook, but then diversity hit me. While we all want blissfulness and happiness the source can differ.

That’s why you can do anything that the other person would surely love. This could be a subscription plan of Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Calm, or any of the digital services they use most often.

We live in a world of digital products. Why not accept that sharing them is among the thoughtful Christmas gift ideas?

Yoga Mate

This is and has been on the list of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas. Reason? People actively working towards a healthy lifestyle.

If you know that the person is trying towards a healthy lifestyle, a Yoga mate can really be a great idea to show your support.

This is something they will use regularly and remember you in their journey of healthy living. 

Plus, you can even pair yoga mates with a skipping rope, indoor weights, resistance band, or something that will further help them grow.

Throw Blankets

If you ever found yourself wrapped in one of these, you know how hard it is to step out of them. They are super cozy, super relaxing, and super warm. Something that is among the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas even if it’s a last moment decision.

Sorry but this is the gift that will make the person forget about you and everything else as they will be super relaxed and thankful for a quick and deep nap on the coach itself.

Noise Cancelling Headphone

I really wanted to make sure that these are on the list of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas at least post covid. Noise Cancelling Headphones has now become somewhat a need of everyone working from home.

Something that people can put on and cut themselves off from the people and situation around them.

There is always something or someone that needs our attention, but after putting these on, one can just mute the sound of the world and focus on what is the most important part of life. Themselves.

And We Are In The Final Hours

The list of 7 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas is done but your work isn’t. All you need to do is understand the person, and finalize a perfect gift for them. And don’t hold back on mix-match. The weirdest mix-match of products makes the most personalized gift possible.

Share in the comments, which one of the above Christmas gifts, would you enjoy the most. But you can only pick one. Go!

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