Top 10 Trending Fashion Brands Among Millennials

trending fashion brands

Fashion brands have been catching the eyes of every generation for years. But saying that millennials are their core group of customers wouldn’t be wrong. But what are the top trending fashion brands that millennials have chosen for them?

Which are the millennials’ favorite fashion brands?

Well, the question is important and that is why LouVogue decided to find the answer to that.

Here is a list of the top 10 trending fashion brands among millennials.

Top 10 trending fashion brands among millennials

1. Gucci

When it comes to Gucci, even the name is enough to describe the products. That is why the brand has become a phenomenon among millennials. And the most trending fashion products of the brand are the Gucci Belt and the Loafers.

2. Vans

We are not kidding, but when it comes to trending fashion brands among millennials, Vans is just after the name Gucci. Vans is a streetwear fashion brand popularly known for its shoes and apparel.

3. Victoria’s Secret

It’s not a secret that the brand has been catching the eye of customers for years. Victoria’s  Secret is among the most trending fashion brands among millennials, with its wide range of fashion products dominated by lingerie, clothing, and beauty products.

4. Gap

If you look in the closet of millennials, the chances of you finding Gap jeans or a jacket is way too high. And that’s for a reason. The brand has successfully managed to reach out to top millennials on their terms delivering exceptional quality at a price that people would love to buy.

5. H&M

Even if you are just getting started in luxury fashion, H&M will be your welcoming host. But the reason behind H&M being the top trending fashion brand in millennials is the perfect balance of quality and pricing. The clothes usually have very good quality and prices are just a bit higher making it elite but worth-it fashion products

6. Coach

It is not a secret that women dominate the fashion industry. And one brand that is complementing women’s outfits for years is Coach. A brand is known for its handbags is surely something that dominates the hearts of millennials.

7. Levis

Levis was a brand that first introduced denim jeans and since then the brand has been thriving with popularity. It is surely among the millennial’s favorite fashion brands for the fact that it still works to stay on the top of the chain of the fashions industry.

8. Converse

Shoes will always be one of the most crucial parts of our outfit and with the trends leaning towards streetwear, Converse has made it to the top. The brand has mastered the art of stylish canvas shoes and made them into something way too stylish than what the previous generation would imagine.

9. Chanel

There are many luxury fashion brands out there but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that no one is even closer to what Chanel has gained. Especially, when it comes to its handbags.

They work with some of the best designers and bring out timeless pieces of fashion that people love to carry around and flaunt their style. Recently the brand has also caught eyes with its beauty products and colognes.

10. Louis Vuitton

The list can’t end without mentioning the most trending fashion brands among millennials and that is why we can’t forget Louis Vuitton. A brand that is usually popular among celebs across the world, is now making its way toward the heart of millennials. And the one product that every fashion enthusiast looks up to is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag.

And more

With fashion trends coming and going, the name of the brands might shift up and down. But the stage these top 10 trending fashion brands among millennials have set, it would be hard to move them away. If you liked the article, you might also like to read about Creating a capsule wardrobe in just three easy steps. Share your thoughts in the comment and tell us about the brand you would like to know more about.

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