26 Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoo Ideas For Women

It’s a huge decision to ink your body with something that is going to stay literally forever. But, we all know, tattoos are not mere shapes. They are a symbol of something, they hold some meaning, and there is a story behind every tattoo.

You need to be wise with what you choose. Thus, I’ve come up with the 26 best tattoo ideas for women to offer you choices that you can never regret. Because trust me – there’s nothing worse than waking up to looking at a tattoo that you wish wasn’t there!

26 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

1. Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas for women. They are feminine yet powerful, depending on what design you pick.

2. Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos are beautiful. You may choose to ink just a small tattoo or a bunch of large tattoos. You may choose to color them or leave them black and white, they still remain one of the best tattoo ideas for women.

Many women also choose to ink cherry blossoms or wild daisies which is also an amazing trend.

3. Semi-colon Tattoos

Tattoo ideas for women like simple semi-colons are very popular. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for something fresh, this must be the pick for you.

4. Spirit Animal Tattoos

Everyone has a spirit animal with which they can deeply relate. You seem to possess the qualities of an animal and that seems to give you power. It could be something mythological or real.

Women choose to ink wolves, lions, pegasus, and more. This remains to be one of the most beautiful and timeless tattoo ideas for women.

5. Zodiac Tattoos

From Aries to Pisces, there is a zodiac sign every body possesses from the day it’s born. There are Chinese tattoos too.

You might believe in the signs based on the birth months or the initials of your name. Whichever it is, getting a zodiac tattoo is pretty spiritual and thoughtful.

Most women considered it’s one of the most powerful tattoo ideas for women.

6. Constellation Tattoos

There’s a constellation pattern for every zodiac sign too. So, if you’re not into getting a large Crab or Scorpion on your body, the small constellations might entice you.

Yin-Yang Tattoos

Yin-Yang is highly associated with balance in life. For women looking for balance or have found the balance, then Yin-Yang is its perfect representation.

8. Peace Tattoos

Peace tattoos could be anything looking at which you feel at peace, it could be a peace sign, holding hands, mountains, or even a meditating monk.

9. Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are trending. They appeal to hope, peace, love, and other things that you relate to. It is among the best tattoo ideas for women exclusively.

10. Memory Tattoos

These are the tattoo ideas for women who are attached to something or someone. These may include face portraits, a jewelry piece, or nostalgic memories like the bowl of noodles you used to eat as a child.

They are mainly inked to remember something or keep that memory close to you all the time.

11. Crown Tattoos

You are the queen and you deserve a crown. Then, why not ink it forever. You may mix it with other patterns to give out a message. It could be the queen of life, queen of hearts, queen of love, etc.

12. Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dream catchers have gained a lot of popularity and they look amazing on every part of your body. These are among the unique and trendy tattoo ideas for women.

13. Cute Small Tattoos

Cute, small tattoos are my personal favorite. They are stylish, cute, and you may never regret them. These tattoo ideas for women generally include the face of a panda, kitten paws, little berries, etc.

Line art Tattoos

Line art tattoos are more of a minimalistic choice. They are highly popular. It depicts how a single, unbroken line can turn out to be something so beautiful. It may be flowers, hearts, and more.

15. Lettering Tattoos

Lettering tattoos are the best and one of the safest tattoo ideas for women. Pick a name, inspirational quote, initials of a name, lucky number, o anything, and they’ll flaunt your skin.

16. 3D Tattoos

Look trendy, fresh, and unique with these tattoo ideas for women. Pick any design and ask your tattoo artist to put life into it. These have recently caught the trend and are there to stay.

17. Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaids are fascinating and most people feel intensely connected with them. Do you? Then it’s among the best tattoo ideas for you.

18. Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos like that were drawn on the bodies of Red Indians, Indians, Samoans, and more are very popular for arm tattoos. They are very distinctive and one of the most aesthetic tattoo ideas for women.

19. Feather tattoos

If you’re a free bird or feeling light as a feather, then a feather tattoo is the one for you. Feel free and at peace with this amazing tattoo art.

20. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are quite trendy. Pick any design and you can turn it into geometric tattoo art.

21. Sun, Moon, and Planet Tattoos

Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planet tattoos are another one of the best tattoo ideas for women. You can choose the lament you most connect with. They look pretty all the time and feel kind of fascinating.

22. Wings Tattoos

The wings tattoos might have become famous by everyone’s favorite David Beckham, but it has a lot more meaning to them.

The wings too reflect freedom, flight, and moving on from something. They’re best inked on the entire back or just a small tattoo on your neck.

23. White Tattoos

White tattoo ideas for women are the most trending and newest idea. You must’ve thought of getting inked in the usual black, but trust me on this – white is the new black.

24. Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoo ideas for women like the portrait of Buddha, Jesus, or Shiv are amazing. This may or may not have anything to a religion. You don’t have to belong to any religion to get them on your skin, they are simply the signs of god, peace, and spirituality.

25. Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos reflect infinity possibilities, ideas, and opportunities. If you feel endless, then this is one of the best tattoo ideas for you.

26. Trippy Tattoos

The last on our list of the best tattoo ideas for women are trippy tattoos. These are also great tattoo ideas for men. It could be the colors bursting out of a head, mandalas, chakras, and thoughts described in images.

You may be reading this at the end, but it could be the number one choice for you if you’re into the psyche, philosophy, and art.

Bonus Read

With this, I end this article with the best tattoo ideas for women. I hope you’ll find the right choice to ink your skin.

Which ones have you shortlisted? Let me know in the comments and I’d love to know about them.

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