Top 5 Shoes For Men That You Need In Your Closet

Top 5 Shoes For Men That You Need In Your Closet

Do you know what are the qualities of good shoes? They feel good to wear, give us a boost of confidence, and make our overall outfit complete.

But at the same time, it is very important to know which are the best shoes for men that you need in your closet. Well, we have handpicked them and curated this list for you.

A list of top 5 shoes for men that you must have in order to complete your shoe collection in style. Here we are talking about the type of shoes for men that you need.

And sure there are further divisions based on the styles, but having these 5 types of shoes will be a great start for you.

Without taking any more time let’s get right into it.

Top 5 Shoes For Men

Leather Sneakers

One of the most versatile types of shoes for men that you can invest in is a Leather Sneaker

. These are surely durable, but most importantly they are the kind of sneakers that you can pair with anything.

Be it formal or casual, things that you would wear to the beach and also that you can wear to high-end parties. If you are wearing a decent outfit, Leather sneakers are a sure pick for you.

Further having all-white sneakers or all-black sneakers are great ways to ensure the versatilities of the shoes.

Dress Shoes

No closest is ever complete without a pair of dress shoes in them. No, they are not here to blend in with every outfit that you wear, rather they are here to help you stand out with ease.

Look around and see how many people around you are wearing a pair of nice dress shoes. Probably none of them or a very few of them. That’s what makes them our top pick for shoes for men.

This gives you a golden opportunity to just grab on the pair of dress shoes and become different with just one piece of clothing.

Again, if you are looking to buy a new pair we suggest you go with black or brown dress shoes. They are classics that are never going out of trend and will look great under any formal clothing.

Athletic Sneakers

When we are on the list of shoes for men that complete your collection, we can’t forget Athletic Sneakers for sure.

They are the shoes that people are wearing everywhere they go (which is sometimes weird) as they are comfortable and functional.

Even if you are not actively playing sports, having a pair of Athletic sneakers is great for morning walks, hiking, and other physical activity.

While you must go for sports-specific sneakers, in case you aren’t very active, you can get yourself running shoes.

High Top Canvas Shoes

We are talking about styles and we are talking about fashion. And when it comes to the top 5 shoes for men, it would be a sin not adding high top canvas shoes to the list.

But here’s the catch. To make sure you pick the right high-top shoe, you will need to invest in some high-quality canvas. There is a lot of cheap canvas shoes but what you must look for are the affordable ones with high quality.

Again, plain white or something with minimal design will give you vitality in your closet. 


To conclude the list of top 5 shoes for men, there was no better pick than Boots. They have always complemented the strong outfit and have managed to make people stand out no matter what you choose.

And you find various options in boots too. If you want to go for something that appears strong and rigid, high-top boots are great. But if you are looking for something more fashionable Chelsea would be an easy pick.

They look distinct are also great boots to pair with formal outfits.

Wrapping Up

This was our ultimate list of shoes for men that you need in your closet. But there are more shoes and sneakers that we would be love to share with you.

Do you have any specific topic in your mind that you would like to read about? Well comment down below and we’ll get on to it right away.

Till then, how about looking at some best rings for men? Let’s move on to that…

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