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Hair Care Routine men

While you might not be wearing a crown king, your hair is still holding some pride in them. 

Baldness and loss of hairline are one of the most common problems men start facing early on in their lives. How to tackle that? With a simple Hair care routine for men.

And when I say simple, I mean a routine that takes minimum effort and time to give you results better than any clinical treatment. If that sounds like something that you would like to read and follow then let’s get started.

Men Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Cleansing Your Skull Thoroughly

It is very important to speak out loud that, cleaning your skull is probably more important than actually just applying shampoo on your hair.

The dirt that accumulates on your skull as well as the dead skin on your head gets trapped within your hair.

So, in order to follow a healthy Men hair care routine, you must start with cleansing your hair first.

The best way to ensure a clean head is by massaging your head with a good amount of shampoo in your head. If you are not using natural shampoos make sure you don’t leave it to rest on your head. Rather keep massaging for a few minutes rubbing off any dirt on the skin.

After that thoroughly wash the head with water and rinse your hair so that no shampoo is left.

Pat Dry Your Hair

You just walked out of the shower. All your hairs are wet and very fragile from the roots. If you apply too much pressure, run them over again and again they might just break off.

Hence it is very important that you pat dry your head. Take a good, clean towel and gently pat on your head to dry it.

This might take a little more time (agreed) but in order to keep your healthy hair strong, it is very important to ensure that the roots stay strong.

Nourish Your Hair Well

Well-well, just like a plant your hair needs nourishment too. Some, it gets from what you eat. And some is what you apply. That is why don’t hold back on nourishment.

Applying oil to your scalp is one thing and is very important as well. But make sure you are trying various oils as well. Every oil has its benefits that help you create a healthy men’s hair care routine.

Some of the most common hair oils are Coconut, Almond, Argon, Olive, and Mustard Oil. You can try all these oils every alternate month and can even mix them and warm them up for a good massage.

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Let Your Hair Breath

For most of our days, we keep our hair covered in some kind of product. This could be shampoo, oil, or wax. Always being under some kind of substance removes the bounciness of the hair.

That is why it is very important to have a free day. Just wash your hair, pat dries them a little, and let them dry naturally. This is a very important part of the men’s hair care routine as it helps in regaining the glow and upliftment of the hair.

Apply Natural Extracts

Your hair needs nourishment and that has already been established in the blog before. But did you know what other natural products can you apply to your hair to follow a healthy men’s hair care routine?

You can apply yogurt, buttermilk, all kind of fruit juice, egg and the list can go on. And to be fair, everything on the list will have its benefits. If you believe your hairs are too oily, using juices or yogurt can have its benefits and give a flow to your hair.

If you feel like your hairs are too dry using milk and egg can moisturize them. Just take a considerable amount and massage it well. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it with water.

At last

There is and will always be a long and short form of men’s hair care routine. And it totally depends on you how much care do you want to take.

The end goal here should be – not to do something that harms your hair, and always follow a simple hair care routine for healthy hair.

Share your thoughts in the comments and do tell me what are products that you apply to your hair to keep them healthy.

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