10 Makeup Essentials: Products And Tools Every Woman Should Own

makeup essentials

When it comes to makeup essentials, every woman has a different routine and different techniques to apply makeup. You look different, the amount of makeup used is different, the way of carrying it is different.

However, in my opinion, there are these 10 makeup essentials – products and tools – that every woman must own. Yes, the use of them depends on you, but you gotta have them at the top of your dressing table.

6 Makeup Products You Must Have

Go on ladies. Take out your makeup stash, open your drawers, and check whether or not you have these makeup essentials with you.

1. Base

The makeup starts with the base. Your face. Since everything you are going to apply for your makeup look will be put on it.

Thus, it’s important to make sure that you have all the base makeup essentials ready.

I am starting the process considering that you have already washed your face with a gentle face wash that best suits your skin.


Toner is essential whether or not you are applying makeup. Because toner is a must. This will help you get rid of the chemicals and minerals in your tap water and will also tighten your pores.

Moisturizer with an SPF

The next thing you must own as your makeup essentials is a good, hydrating moisturizer. Again, you need to use it regardless of wearing makeup.

Also, make sure that the moisturizer you use is already having an SPF (minimum +30). In case you do not have such moisturizer, I’d suggest – Buy it.

It is because with this you won’t have to apply another layer of sunscreen. Since makeup is all about layers, avoiding one layer makes a huge difference.

But again, if you feel like adding another layer –  please do.


If you’re applying makeup, it’s pretty obvious you’re using foundation. But, you don’t just need any foundation, you need the foundation that best compliments your skin tone.

having a foundation that matches your skin is top among all the makeup essentials.

We all have different skin tones and using a foundation that is not a good match is like boiling cheese – does it even makes sense? Exactly, that’s my point. Using a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone doesn’t make sense!

In fact, your complete makeup look looks unprofessional and unattractive. It is also important to make sure that you buy a foundation that belongs to a good brand. If you’re planning to wear it for a day-long, you might want to make sure it doesn’t harm your skin later.

Contour Stick

Contour wasn’t popular around a decade ago, but it is now. And, it has become prominent since Max Factor. So ladies, own one.

There are different kinds of contour kits available in the market, but I prefer the contour stick. It’s easy to use, easy to apply, and you get the right idea of how much or in what way you need to apply it.

It is very useful to give your face some structure. It helps in sculpting your cheekbones, uplifting the eyes (just the look of them), and adding depth to your makeup look.

So, for me, this has become my latest makeup essentials obsession.


What foundation can’t do, the concealer will do. This is one of the ‘holy grail’ makeup essentials.

It is important to make sure that your concealer also matches your skin tone as well as the foundation you have used.

These two must blend with each other to avoid any spots on your face. The concealer will help your hide (if you want to) the blemishes, scars, spots, dark circles, and eye-bags.

2. Eyes

Once you’re done with the base, it’s time to move to the eyes. Here are some makeup essentials for your eyes to make them mesmerizing every time.

Eye Shadows



3. Lips

2 shades that are a must have makeup essentials for your lips are:

A nude color lipstick

A red lipstick


Lip Tint

4. Cheeks

The cheeks makeup is the part that constructs the whole look. This is where you sculpt your face. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right products.

Though the contour has already done half the job, giving your cheeks a little more attention is important. After all, it’s the widest area visible on your face.

Use these makeup essentials to highlight your cheeks:




You can just use either of these or use them all. It completely depends on your overall look and the outfit. (I usually use any two of these. Never all 3 at the same time)

5. Compact powder

If you have dry skin or you’re a ‘dewy look’ girl, you can completely skip buying this. However, if you have oily skin like me, having a compact powder is a must.

The use of compact powder helps you set your overall makeup, avoid that greasy look, and have an amazing matte look. You can also just carry the compact powder with you and use it only when you feel the need to touch-up.

6. Makeup setting mist

This, without any doubt, is one of the most important makeup essentials. The use of setting sprays is best to set your makeup where it is. As long as you’re wearing makeup, you will not see your makeup spreading all over your face and making you look like a mess.

Just one to two sprays are enough to give you a perfect set look throughout the day.

Makeup Essentials: 4 Makeup Tools You Should Own

Having talked about the makeup essentials products, let’s now talk about the makeup essentials tools.


Buy brushes of all sizes and for all kinds of makeup purposes. It is best to own a complete set having various brushes in one kit instead of buying each brush individually.

Beauty blender

Beauty blenders are another makeup essentials to achieve an even, smooth look, and to avoid patches.

Eyebrow brushes

Just as you comb your hair, it’s important to keep your eyebrows well-groomed. And for this, using eyebrow brushes is a must.

Eyelashes curler

Having your eyelashes curled is an impressive trick to instantly change your look. The curler makes your eyelashes look longer and makes your eyes appear bigger and prettier.

Bonus Read

And, that’s it. There are some makeup essentials I believe you must own. These are perfect to get ready for every occasion and are enough to fit in your pouch to carry while traveling and wherever.

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