Latest Fashion Trends You Should Know: Trending Styles, Prints, Materials, And More

Fashion trends

The fashion industry is the most dynamic industry. The trends here come and go like the waves in the ocean. You can never predict what Miley Cyrus will walk out wearing for her brunch and the next day – It’s a trending fashion trend!

Fashion has faced a lot of changes decades after decades, and every time, the world has been gifted with something new, unique, and glamourous. But, there are some styles, prints, and materials that once come in trend and never go out of style.

And just like that, a few fashion trends have come recently and we know that they are here to stay. We’ve hunted down a few trending styles, prints, and materials that you must add to your wardrobe.

It’s time you upgrade your wardrobe with trending fashion outfits to make it super chic, stylish, and trendy. And guess what? They are not so out of your reach!

Top Latest Fashion Trends


Wide legs

Pants with huge wide legs are just another glam transition of bell-bottoms. they are comfy, trendy, and high-profile. Just throw a nice crop-top on top or a blazer and you’re good to go.

Wide legs can be worn flawlessly at the office, lunch, and even on date nights. This latest fashion trend looks cool and hot at the same time.

Masculine shoulders

Masculine shoulders are one of the huge trending styles. Be it for a simple white tee or a blazer. They are powerful, impactful, and very fashionable.

We went to Vogue’s Instagram page and we could hardly find a grid without them.


Pleats are another trending styles. They are in skirts, they are in pants, they are in tops, headbands, everywhere! (Even I have 3 pieces that are all pleated and I can’t get enough of them!)

Pleats look chic. They give you a structure and they give out very fashionable vibes.

Find a pleated skirt, mix it with any one of the latest fashion trends from this blog post, and BOOM, you have a perfect outfit at your disposal.


Fringe is among the insanely trending fashion trends. The use of fringe completely transforms the look of an outfit. They are another trending styles that are used in every outfit item from dresses to boots.

Top fashion brands like Gucci and Marina Moscone have created remarkable styles using this fashion trend. 

In fact, the Met Gala couldn’t have been ‘complete’ without this fashion trend.


Snake and wild cat prints

Do you want to add an edge to any basic outfit? Are you trying to make your outfit stand out? Are you planning to make all your girlfriends envy you?

Well, the solution to everything is just one – add snake and animal prints to your wardrobe.

Wear basic blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Now, just pair them with snake-print boots, and voila, you have a chic, stylish, trendy, out-of-the-box outfit ready from the current fashion trends.

Leopard and tiger prints are just as popular as snake prints.

Animal prints won the hearts of people and they never left (thanks to the Cheetah Girls). But snake prints have just made their way into the fashion industry and they are mingling with all kinds of fashion trends.

Pick just one item in the snake print and it’s more than enough. A small clutch, boots, or a scrunchie is just as glamorous.

Color blocks

From small to huge, color blocking is among the latest fashion trends. The juxtaposition of colors is equally popular and trendy, and we know, it’ll be a part of the fashion industry for a long time.

Vintage Indian prints

Uhh! We do not have enough words to convince you how amazing and trendy Indian prints are. They look beautiful and unique. Every huge designer is influenced by Indian prints to add thoughtfulness and impact.

Huge flowers

A few years ago, small prints entered our lives and we still love them. but now, it’s time we give way to large prints too.

Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and every other fashion magazine you know is filled with celebrities dressed in amazing huge floral prints.

And, how can we forget Taylor Swift’s Grammys red carpet look?


Soft net

The voluminous, flowy net dresses are another great fashion trend. Such materials are best for dates, anniversaries, birthdays, and every occasion that makes you happy.


Can we ever forget chiffon? There could be nothing more chic and classy than good-quality chiffon.

Fill your wardrobe with chiffon party dresses,  beach dresses, or just the home-chilling dresses. they are perfect and always ready to make you beautiful.


Georgette is another great material for dresses, skirts, and blouses. They are edgy and sophisticated. If not many, it’s wise to have at least one georgette piece in your closet.


Hitting a pub or a cocktail party? Don’t forget to take sequins to them. What color you choose for sequins decides the feel of it. From bold look to modish look, sequins are simply attractive.



The colors that are near the shades of skin complexion are all nude. Beige and pale brown is the most common nude colors you can find in magazines and luxury fashion stores.

The use of nude colors trending fashion is not just limited to clothing items. They are popular for shoes, nail polishes, lipsticks, and all different kinds of makeup products.


Bold colors are a highlight of the current fashion trends. From bright yellow to hot pink and cherry red, they are just amazingly trendy and fashionable.


We are as happy as Katy Perry (just because she loves it) for having pastels as the part of latest fashion trends. And, we do not see any reason for them going out of trend. They are pretty, sophisticated, and very agreeable.

Pantone colors

You must be familiar with the regular colors like green, pink, red, or orange. But, Pantone is the specific shade of any usual colors. Every shade of a common color has a unique Pantone code (though every color has a panton code. What we mean here is that they are always a unique shade of the colors we usually see or wear.)

The colors like emerald green, muddy pink, ocean blue, or creamy yellow are a few examples of unique Pantone colors. Such lighter and darker shades of the base colors are one of the best trending styles to fall in love with.

Bonus Read

These are some of the latest fashion trends you must watch out for to look classy, chic, and trendy at the same time. Do you already have any of these trending fashion items in your closet? Let me know in the comments.

Do you plan on getting your hands on any of these latest fashion trends? Tell me about that too and I promise to get back to you❤

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