Grooming Kit For Men: Everything You Need To Stay Groomed

Grooming Kit For Men: Everything you need to stay groomed

Creating a perfect Grooming Kit For Men can be really tough. Why?

The wall of marketing built around men’s grooming is exceptional. In the last decade itself, we have seen, acne creams ‘for men’, lip balm ‘for men’, beard oil ‘for men’ (sorry ladies you can’t use our oil).

On one side this has created an awareness and men have started taking care of their skin. And on the other hand, there is confusion about what all products are necessary and what is not. That is why we present you with the list of products that are a MUST in grooming kits for men.

The fact that this article is not sponsored, makes sure that every word that you read here will be brotherly advice rather than another failed attempt of making you buy something. Go through the list, and pick the products that make the most sense to you.

Heard that? Let’s get started with everything you need in the grooming kit for men.

Everything you need in the Grooming kit for men


Creating a Grooming Kit for men? Add a trimmer on top of your list. With God’s grace, men are blessed with hairs that need constant maintenance, or else the fuzz is irritating and at a point unhygienic for the skin too.

Having a trimmer is super handy (and a necessity) for every grooming kit for men as usually grooming will start from trimming down the unwanted hair.

Which trimmer is the best for you? If you are a person who just wants to trim hairs for Stubble Look an adjustable trimmer would be enough and will get the work done very easily.

If you are looking forward to keeping a proper beard look, it would be advised to go with the trimmers with additional clips. This way you can swap the clips to shape the beard more precisely. In an adjustable trimmer, this becomes a little uncomfortable and can mess up your beard.

Hair Cutting Scissors

One can’t stress how important a good pair of hair-cutting scissors can be. Believe it or not, if you have them, you will be using them probably every second or third day. 

Be it giving shape to your mustache or trimming that single hair that is growing out of nowhere. Be it the hair from the nose or ears or simply taking care of your hairstyle before it’s too soon for a visit to the barber.

Having a pair of hair cutting scissors handy in the grooming kit for men can really help you take care of small things in your grooming. Things that can take you from groomed men to well-groomed men.


Grooming kit for men

Well as we discussed, this decade is filled with products – including face wash for men. So the best thing for you would be finding the best fit for you.

Start by understanding your skin type. Is it oily, or dry? Are you active in sweaty activities or are there blemishes on your skin? It is a hit-and-try method, to be honest.

Before you find out the best fit for your own grooming kit for men, you may have to try out options that are the best fit for you.

To speed up the process, you can always ask your friend, your sister, or maybe a brother who takes care of his own skin. If not then ask your barber (a person who cuts your hair and doesn’t try selling you products every time you enter their shop).

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Moisturizer in grooming kit for men? – Yes.

You trimmed your hair, you washed your face, and now it’s time, to moisturize the skin. You see, once you remove all the dirt from your face, it needs a good ingredient to repair itself.

A good moisturizer can easily do that for you. How to find the moisturizer that fits your skin type?

The same way you found your fash wash. In a grooming kit for men, make sure you never run out of good quality moisturizer as this ensures good healthy skin.

Eye Creams

Is this list going too far? Well not exactly. We all use digital devices, we all enjoy rides during the night, and we all affect our eyes one way or another.

In order to make sure the sagginess under your eye comes with age and not with stress, it is important to use eye creams.

 Apply them overnight and you will start seeing a difference in week one. Where moisture will ensure healthy on your whole face, eye creams will take care of the most attractive feature of your face.

Hair Products

Let this be very clear. It’s purely optional to apply hair products, as in the long run, they will only damage them. Only occasional use of any hair products is recommended. This goes for shampoo too.

Wash your hair probably every two days to remove any dirt or dry skin. Other days just water is enough. Cream, gel, wax, spray, or oil. Apply only and only when there is an absolute necessity to use these products.

Hairs are a very sensitive part of the body. The more products you apply to them, the more care they will need. Let them breathe freely. Just carry your preferred hair products in the grooming kit for men to ensure you need them just in case.

Shaving Kit

shaving kit

And to sum up the list quickly (cause we can create a long list but – Why?) add a shaving kit your ultimate grooming kit for men.

If you shave, the products you will add to your grooming kit are shaving cream/foam, shaving brush, razor, and aftershave.

Again the products are entirely your choices and will depend on what you like and whatnot.

Additional Products

Adding Cologne and deodorant to the grooming kit for men can be really nice idea. But we have not added it to the list as it won’t affect your look. But let us be clear that a good Cologne can surely uplift your overall personality. Got any suggestions based on your past experience? Comment down below and help the community to get a little more groomed.

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