Capsule Wardrobe: 3 Easy Steps At Creating A Killer Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are not just a part of any trend – they are a necessity.

It’s time you let go of those pile of clothes which you’ve only worn once (for some pieces – not even once) and pieces you are never ever going to wear in the future (even if you strongly believe that you will – trust me, you will not).

Being a girl, I can understand when you call your mum in front of a wardrobe stuffed with clothes and ask her ‘What do I wear, I don’t have anything”. And unfortunately, it’s true.

Having a wardrobe full of clothes doesn’t mean that you have fine clothing pieces that you can wear any and every time.

Why Capsule Wardrobe?

It’s important that you have those good, fine pieces of clothing in which you feel confident, look classy, and that you can wear to almost any place. Be it office, dinner, or a breezy long drive.

Now, that’s where having a capsule wardrobe comes into the picture. A minimalist wardrobe doesn’t only save you huge dollar bills (It actually does) but it also helps you look chic all the time.

Rather than having a closet full of outdated and weird outfits, it’s wiser to fill it with a few evergreen, classic pieces that are really trendy and fashionable.

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

Step 1. Keeping and Buying

Creating a good minimalist wardrobe is all about the BASICS. Basics are, in fact, the foundation of a good capsule wardrobe.

Focus on buying or keeping (if you have any already) the basic clothing pieces for your minimalist wardrobe.

Step 2. Throwing Out

The next step is to throw out the outdated, un-trendy, and long-forgotten pieces. This is a very important step if you’re looking to create a killer capsule wardrobe.

Remove these first:

-All the prints and letters and numbers from tops, t-shirts, pants, etc.

-All the sparkle and bling and those fake diamonds from heels, shoes, purses, and clothes

-Too many accessory pieces

-All the creepy cuts in tops, jeans, and shorts

Step 3. Building the Capsule Wardrobe

These pieces are timeless and are bound to make you always look good, timeless, and effortlessly beautiful.


Half-sleeve white tee

Half-sleeve black tee

White full-sleeve crop-top

Black full-sleeve crop top

Black or white turtle neck

White camisole

White button-up

A beige or coffee-brown top

A basic and solid tank top

A black blazer


High-waisted blue jeans

High-waisted black jeans

Beige trousers

A black skirt


A black dress

A white dress


White sneakers

Pointy black heels

Open-toe beige heels

Square toe flats

Ankle or knee-length black boots


Cat-eye sunglasses

A basic and timeless leather or silver watch

Diamond studs

A very thin golden or silver chain

Small black sling bag

Large black handbag

Bonus Read

Creating a timeless capsule wardrobe is a mix of a sense of style and understanding the concept behind it. A minimalist wardrobe is simply the choice of picking simple outfit pieces that looks good on every occasion.

I would recommend that you only pick two pieces from each category and build your minimalist wardrobe. Later, if you wish to expand, simply keep on adding more items from the list to create an advanced basic wardrobe✌

Here are a few more tips to make sure you look classy all the time:

-Do not buy your jeans with any rugged or ribbed pattern. Clean, plain jeans are the best pick.

-Chip out a few more dollars but go for branded jeans that fit you very well.

-Be sure of the materials you choose. A cheap-looking material can instantly ruin your whole look. Go for pure cotton, silk, good quality georgette, or chiffon.

-Look for the sales coming on good brands. Buying in the sale is best to get your hands on some of these chic and timeless pieces at a good price.

-Do not overlook the need for fitting (I almost get everything pieces fitted to my size and body shape). Poor-fitting clothes are a huge no. Make sure that the pieces you wear are fitting you well.

-Take care of your overall look. Make sure your hairs don’t look greasy or tangled. Avoid dyeing them with unnatural colors.

-Wear minimalistic makeup. Look hydrated and moisturized. Keep your nails in shape and never forget to remove the chipped nail polishes.

-Keep updating your wardrobe to make sure that you’re comfortable with your clothes in every season.

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