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25 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Getting inked is something that makes us feel grounded and satisfied within ourselves. The reasons can differ, but getting a tattoo is surely a commitment of a lifetime. That is why it is very important to be sure what kind of tattoo are you getting.

That’s the reason, I am sharing 25 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men. The designs can vary, the message can change and the cause may differ. But these tattoo ideas for men are timeless. 

So no matter if you are young looking to print your inspiration on your skin, or the old man looking for ways to showcase love on the wrinkly skin. These tattoo ideas for men will help you find exactly what you want.

Without any more time, let’s get started.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small Tattoo

If you are getting inked for the first time and have some second thoughts, small tattoos are great. They look pretty classic and are extremely impactful. Moreover, they usually follow a very subtle style making them a popular choice among other tattoo ideas for men.

Simple Tattoo

When is say simple, I mean extremely simple tattoo designs. This could be anything varying from a line, shape, letter, or design. But in the end, it is an extremely simple form of tattoo that should take hours to draw on paper.

Portrait Tattoo

You need a professional for this kind of work and if you are confident of his or her skill, do not proceed. Portrait Tattoo is among the toughest tattoo ideas for men. But at the same time, they are the most inspirational ink that people get. You can get a portrait of your idol, your family, or the character you get your power from. Again, it is very important to make sure the tattoo artist is a professional and has reliable experience to give you the best result.

Lettering Tattoo

We all have a few words that we live by or messages that never fail to inspire us. Now, what better way to mark those words on our life than getting them printed on our skin. Choose the message, choose the font, and you are all set with the best tattoo ideas for men.

Skull Tattoo

The popularity of skull tattoos is beyond what one could imagine. Even if you share with someone that you are thinking of getting a tattoo, the first thing they think of is a skull. Over time, many artists have shared their creativity with this piece of art and people have loved it, again and again.

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Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are another best tattoo idea for men that are looking for something grounding and special. For some people, it is also a source of power, unity, and humbleness. You can follow a simple cross design or can create a complex and eye-catching design as per your own choice.

Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos are another amazing piece of art that can’t be trusted by some beginners. You can get yourself angle inked on your back, neck arm, or chest. And when it comes to design you will get a lot of inspiration for Pinterest.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are again, simple, and amazing tattoos that you get. But just because I say “simple” doesn’t mean a plain simple arrow. You can add various styles, symbols, and messages that you would like to mark on your body.

Music Tattoo

Are you a music lover too? Well, who isn’t? Everyone has their own choice of genre and the song they jam on. You can choose to show this passion for music by getting a music tattoo, inspired by your choice of song, lyrics, instrument, or musical notes.

Wing Tattoo

Be it a single feather or a whole wing these tattoos are super trendy and they are the prints that are never getting old. If you go ahead with this, let me assure you it is among the best tattoo ideas for men.

Constellation Tattoo

Constellation is another simple and enticing tattoo that has grown in popularity over the years. They are personal, mysterious, and very grounding for lack of a better word. You can mark your constellation or the constellation of someone special making it among the best tattoo ideas for men.

Religious Tattoo

Again, something that’s personal and grounding at the same time. If you are looking for something to look up to when you feel low or something that ensures you stay put when you can’t keep your feet on the ground. Religious tattoos are the best tattoo ideas for men.

Line art Tattoo

Line art is a form of art where the whole image is formed using just one string. The same is imprinted on the skin and to be honest, it looks amazing.

Geometry Tattoo

Looking for something simple, powerful, and timeless? What better than a Geometry tattoo. They have been around for ages, like pyramids, cave paintings architecture, and more. You can use simple geometrical shapes and create your own best tattoo ideas for men.

Family/Tribe Tattoo

The tribal tattoo was firstly “tribe only” as they used to represent a community. But with modernization spreading its leg, it soon became a bit cult within the society. Thanks to our elders, the art was secured and today is among the trending tattoo ideas for men.

Anchor Tattoo

Another best tattoo idea for men that you can trust is the anchor tattoo. The belief is, it was first used by sailors and pirates for the love of the sea. Today it is a representation of staying grounded in life and keeping our emotions checked.

Mountain Tattoo

If not sea, you might be fond of the mountains. That’s the reason mountain tattoos are now among the best tattoo ideas for men. They look adventurous and can easily vary from complex art to line art, making each distinct and personal.

Minimalism Tattoo

In this whole list of best tattoo ideas for men, I have been stating how the popularity of ‘simple tattoos’ again and again. And even you might have guessed the popularity of Minimalism tattoo. Just a simple idea or art that you like can be part of your whole life.

Birds Tattoo

The popularity of bird tattoos is so high that it was just a for us to add them to the list of the best tattoo ideas for men. You can get them on any part of your body but the most popular ones are on the ribs and forearms.

Infinity Tattoo

No list of tattoo ideas for men is complete without adding an infinity tattoo for you. Well, they are popular and are surely among the versatile tattoos as they can vary indefinitely. You can use different art, designs, and objects to create your personalized sign.

Ying Yang tattoo

Ying Yang is a sign that represents balance. And while it was simple art, representing good and bad many artists used their creative liberty to and share a balanced art of their life.

Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac tattoos are another ancient and popular art that has regained popularity recently. If you believe you want to stay closer to your Zodiac signs, getting them inked would be a great idea.

Busty Color tattoo

While traditionally tattoos were just black, but now that we are leaving in an entirely new decade sticking with just one color doesn’t sound like us. You can get a busty color tattoo anywhere on your body, but make you be with an experienced artist.

Memory Tattoo

While many people tend to get a tattoo for their getting inspired in the future, some like to pay tribute to their past too. That’s when you can get a memory tattoo. This may include a date, a quote, or even a face that you never want to forget.

Last Session

And with that, we conclude this amazing list of the best tattoo ideas for men. But don’t forget just settle here. Look around you and gain inspiration. Get a tattoo that you want for your life, something that inspires you.

Got any ideas to add to this list? Share them in the comments 👇 

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