7 Best Sunglasses For Men To Shade Up In 2022

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There is something special about putting on a pair of sunglasses before you step out to sly the world. You look twice in that mirror and feel like – Damn! I look Good.

That’s the story that repeats itself, every single time. But in case you are missing out on this vibe – I got you. Here are the 7 Best Sunglasses for men that are all set to shade up in 2022.

Be it going super classic with Aviators or trying out the Oversized Square Sunglasses. In search of the best sunglasses for men, I scraped the internet, stalked the IG feed of trendsetters, and crashed Pinterest over and over again (believe me I did all of that).

Result? I know exactly what you would like. Something that’s trendy but classic at the same time. Something that makes your stand out, but in a comfortable way. And finally, something that you would love to put on every single day. I hope that sums up what you want.

Now that the requirements are all cleared out, let’s jump right into the list of the 7 best Sunglasses for men 2022 edition.

7 Best Sunglasses For Men To Shade Up In 2022

Round Vintage Sunglasses

It feels like the popularity of the Round Vintage Sunglasses was never gone. All they did was rest in the backseat while some kids played along. Now that they are back in the game, I don’t think they are losing the steering anytime soon.

They fit best with oval faces but with recent variations in the style, they are uplifting almost every person who is wearing these classics.

Almost every sunglasses brand is trying their best but, let’s just say that John Jacob has won the race here. For the most part, they stick with the basics and have added just another bridge giving it a more modern yet classic look

Octagonal Sunglasses

There is no denying that seeing Alfred Molina back in the role of Doc Oak gave us a ride of nostalgia. Well, consider this a tribute to that character. Every single time I see someone wearing the Octagonal Sunglasses – they stand out.

Not many are wearing them, but whenever I see someone wearing them, they stand out. Ray-ban has some of the best collections of Octagonal Sunglasses that you can check out if you want.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

If you are looking for the type of sunglasses that seems breezy and easily approachable why don’t you try out Clubmasters? They are surely among the trendy and the best sunglasses for men right now.

They have a broad frame on the top and seems like the glasses are hanging with that. Overall looking super stylish and can go with simply anything that you wear.

Again Ray-ban has some amazing designs that you can check out but in case you don’t find the style you like feel free to try out other brands.

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Square Aviators

Don’t you feel you have recently seen these sunglasses? Well, that’s because they are classics and trendy at the same time. Believe it or not, they went viral after Robert Downy Jr. wore them in the Infinity War.

And after that, it seems like every other enthusiast is wearing them. Being an Aviator makes them strong but at the same time, the square frame gives it a much modern and distinct look.

You can browse through the internet to find variations of the same design as there is no particular brand that stands out from the others.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

When we are talking about the best Sunglasses for men in 2022, it is very important to mention Wayfarer. The main reason is the variation of style and multiple options to choose from.

The glasses have a thick frame covering them from all sides making them strong and rigid from wear and tear.

So if you are looking for a type of sunglasses that has various options to choose from and are strong to withstand day-to-day drop tests these would be the best sunglasses for men.

Aviator Teardrop

The teardrop aviators are another popular sunglasses for men since they were first introduced. I don’t ever remember someone saying that they seem old. More or less they always stood out as much mature as others.

And let me be honest here. Not everyone can pull them off as they can look baggy if they are of the wrong size. But in case you find a good pair for yourself no one can steal your show away.

Rimless Sunglasses

Again, something that’s all classic, trendy, and out of the normal league. Now that we have been discussing the “point of popularity” let’s not forget where the trend of Rimless Sunglasses begins.

Matrix. And with the upcoming sequel, there is no question that these will regain the popularity and hype like before. Be the early bird and catch on to this trend of best sunglasses for men before it becomes something that you picked from a movie.

And That’s A Wrap

And with that, I sum up this list of the best Sunglasses for men. But does this means I will leave you with just seven? No. There are many sunglasses that comes and goes that is why I will make sure to keep this list updated. Got any suggestions? Well, comment down below. I would be happy to hear what trends you are following and share them with the other readers.

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