Basic Men’s Clothing: A 14 Pieces Men’s Style Guide To Look Great

Men's Clothing

From a girl’s eyes, I know what looks better on men that makes the girls go woo. I know what are some basic men’s clothing pieces a man must own to look great.

This men’s style guide is all about making you look smart, attractive, and comfortable.

3 Tips To Look Dashing In Every Situation

1. Look casual and smart

Men's clothing

Casuals are a perfect fit for men and are part of every men’s style guide. They are comfortable, fashionable, and classy. Make up a few basic outfits that you can carry to almost every event.

The classic casual

The classic casual looks are the ones that you can wear on the streets or when you’re on a vacation. These may include loose-fitting trousers, polo t-shirts, and slippers.

The business casual

Another men’s clothing idea to make you look great is to wear business casuals. These pieces are the right choice to look professional as well as breezy.

These outfits are perfect for day-to-day office wear. A comfy pair of pants with a t-shirt topped with a blazer is simply enough to create a killer business-casual look.

The business professional

The business professional attire is best when you’re heading to a meeting or if there’s a great event where you need to represent.

It’s pretty sorted, nothing can make a man look hotter than a well-fitting three-piece suit.

2. Wear the clothes that fit you well

Men's clothing

Poor-fitting clothes look cheap. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an Armani, you’ll still be looking your worst.

Make sure that the clothes you wear are tailored to your size.

3. Always stay groomed

Men’s Style Guide

Grooming speaks about you without the need for words. Your well-groomed attire is what makes you look great and presentable.

Always make sure that your hairs are washed and set properly. If you’re a beard-lover, be sure that you trim those extra strands regularly. Keep your beard washed and set too.

Iron every article of your clothing. Ironing clothes is an essential part to look well-groomed. In fact, ironing can actually uplift the value of your basic men’s clothing items.

14 Must-Own Men’s Clothing Items

It’s never necessary to own hundreds or even tens of pieces to look different every day. Mix and match these amazing 14 men’s clothing pieces to create a new look every day.

Plus, these wardrobe essentials are a must-have. Even though you have a closet full of clothes, make sure that these pieces are a part of it.

In fact, it’s best to declutter your wardrobe. Own only those basic clothing items that are actually making you look great and irresistible.

With this men’s style guide for men, say goodbye to your old junk and build your brand new wardrobe with these basic men’s clothing essentials.


Half-sleeves white tee

Half-sleeves black tee

An office shirt

A casual shirt

A sweatshirt


Blue jeans

Black jeans





White sneakers

Sports shoes

Office shoes



A timeless watch

Bonus Read

Mix and match these basic men’s clothing items the way they fit your style. 

Despite having these men’s clothing pieces, I’d recommend making a necessary addition that you’ll love for your life – Buy a three-piece suit.

There’s nothing better than a good-quality, well-fitting suit in a men’s closet. Suits can be worn on every occasion. From office meetings to weddings, they are a perfect pick to make a statement.

Keep colors that are classic and bound to make you look great. Such colors can be:




-Navy blue


Also, keep up with the trends and seasons. Try that your wardrobe has minimal men’s clothing pieces that can create innumerable styles.

You may also want to include some rings to accessorize your outfit. I hope this article helped you with new styling ideas.

If yes, just let me know in the comments. If not, please let me know what did I miss in the comments too👇

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